"Lean your body forward
slightly to support the
guitar against your chest,
for the poetry
of the music
should resound in your heart."
Andres Segovia


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Here’s what current and former students
(or their parents) say about their experiences
learning to play under my instruction:

D A Arlaus has undoubtedly been the most influential teacher I have had in any field, whether in academics or in music. She teaches her students more than just when and where to play the notes.  Rather, she helps the student develop independent thinking, discipline, and a pursuit of excellence, so that (s)he can apply these skills to all areas of life, including music.  
D A encourages thoughtful interpretations, comprehensive fretboard understanding, and a strong theoretical background so that the student develops the technical tools necessary to execute and realize his musical interpretations.
A S, Ann Arbor, Michigan (formerly Montvale, NJ)

 D A Arlaus was more than just a guitar teacher, she was a coach that not only gave me excellent guitar instruction, but provided me with a well-rounded musical education.  Her lessons are so thorough and effective that with her instruction, a true musician is bound to emerge from you, the proper way.
J O, River Edge, NJ

First of all, I was very impressed with our initial meeting to determine my daughter's interest, ability and character.  D A Arlaus generously offered us the opportunity to meet as well, in order to determine if we were a "match".  I thought that D A's training was impressive,  and manner with my daughter was engaging.  Each lesson was very comfortable and she was never made to feel pressured.  We established goals and worked toward them each week.  D A was always  considerate in asking about her workload at school, prior to assigning practice homework on the guitar.  Lastly, I would overhear D A asking my daughter often, if what she was teaching made sense to her, and her patience and cheerful attitude made it enjoyable.
A Y, Upper Saddle River, NJ

Knows how to TEACH!! Best guitar instruction money can buy.
E A, Fair Lawn, NJ


D A Alraus knew  how to lay down a solid foundation for me to build my skills upon. She got to know me  in such a way that she was able to individualize the lessons according to my learning style. And she did a great job of ensuring that.  I UNDERSTOOD the concepts  and didn’t just MEMORIZED  the concepts. (This allowed me to move forward with chord progressions/ transposing chords so that I could beginto play music I love, which really gave me a lot of joy!)
S C, Little Ferry, NJ

D A Arlaus is a very patient teacher, which makes learning how to play the guitar easier and more enjoyable.
M B, Paramus, NJ

D A Arlaus combines technical expertise with patience, empathy and a wonderful ability to connect  with her students. This combination has been exceptionally motivating for my daughter. I feel very, very fortunate to have found D A as a guitar instructor.
K V S, Ridgewood, NJ

As great a friend as a teacher, if that were even to be possible. You'll have oodles of fun while learning the rudiments and more advanced techniques and pieces with DA Arlaus!
R L, Paramus, NJ

“Dedicated, positive, and amiable."
P S, Washington Township, NJ

D A Arlaus is an amazing teacher. I found out about her from a friend who also thought she was fantastic. She cares so much about every student and does everything to make the learning experience personal and enjoyable. I look forward to every session because I know that D A does not only care about the guitar but also about me and what I am getting out of the experience. She puts so much time and effort into adapting to every student's interests and needs. I would and do recommend her to everyone.
A S, New Brunswick, NJ (formally, Teaneck)

I have had many music teachers over the years but none with the patience and dedication that D A Arlaus embodies. I have learnt so much from her in such a short amount of time - not only how to hold chords or musical theory, but she has taught me many valuable lessons of life through teaching me to play the guitar. With D A I have not only found an inspiring music teacher, but I have also found a true friend and role model.
L S, Fair Lawn, NJ

I always wanted to play the guitar, but my mom said that maybe I was not old enough. My brother, who is 8 years older than I took guitar lesson with a teacher he really liked. Soon after, my sister who is 5 years older, started lessons with D A Arlaus too. They both had her for a while, and really liked her. After about 2 years, my other brother, who is 2 years older, and I wanted to play guitar also. My brother was allowed to take lessons, but my mother wasn't sure that I was old enough. I convinced her to let me try. Even before my first lesson, D A checked me out and before our consultation was over, I knew she was going to be the best teacher I could ever get. My brother and I started lessons and we really enjoy them. I've had piano lessons before but I gave up because I didn't like the teachers. D A is very different. If you're not confident in yourself, she won't give up on you, she`ll cheer you up or show you how good you really are. If you have a scheduling problem she`ll give you her personal time so you don't miss a lesson, if she can. I`m not the best at practicing every day, but D A helps me to improve and doesn`t give up. I've been taking lesson's with D A for two years and I've become very good at reading notes and playing them on the guitar. I recommend her to my friends and anyone who asks. D A  isn't strict or mean, she's one of a kind. I couldn't possibly have asked for a better teacher.
S W, Teaneck, NJ

D A Arlaus has been teaching me for 5 years. She's taught me tons of things like classical songs, stuff from guitar books, and contemporary music I wanted to do. She won't ever let her students take the easy way out of anything; she pushes them to be the best that they can be.
N P, Upper Saddle River, NJ

If you're a current or former student and have a comment you'd like to add, please give it to me at your next lesson or e-mail it to me at this link [Please note, this is for current amd former students' comments only]


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