www.guitartechniquetutor.com has been developed by a NY metro area professional guitarist with decades of experience training people who "play the guitar” to become “musicians whose instrument is the guitar.”

But what you may not realize, is that with every student that joins my schedule, my weekly charitable contributios can increase. I give a portion of my income every week, to charities that are known for their upright dealings and who use very little for operating expenses so they can better help and serve the poorest of the poor and the neediest of the needy.

Some of the charitable work I have or continue to contribute to include:

• Harvey, Irma and Mariasurvivor support
• Support for WAR (Women at Risk)
• Food, clothing and other practical necessities to the homeless
of Passaic, Bergen & Rockland counties
• Relief to victims of natural disasters in the US and around the world
such as earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, volcanos etc.

....and more.

I appreciate your interest in me as a guitar instructor. If you are a current student, thanks on behalf of everyone we can assist.

D. A. Arlaus



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Wednesday, November 1,   2017